you’re capable, you can do it

Here they believed in me, they took out the best of me and gave an opportunity. At the beginning it wasn’t, since I felt the street was calling me… But the love for my daughters and the willing of not disappointing those who opened their doors for me and encouraged me by telling me “you’re capable, you can do it”. Those words keep resounding in my head and heart.

I wasn’t able neither to read nor write back then, but they gave me the opportunity to study, thus, I finished the elementary and high school. I would have hardly found job from another place. Those women who knew me in the street know that I am a survivor and they tell me “If you could overcome it, then help me”. So I’ve been sharing them the process I’ve gone through, I cheer them up, and invite those young woman to not let their dreams go and to take advantage of the chance of getting involved in the program. I also go with them because in these cases one day you feel good, bad the next one and then you don’t know… Here we are supported in our psychosocial, educational, familiar, spiritual and legal part, because when you get here you don’t even have documents.

One day there was vacant for social management and they themselves were the ones who encouraged me to apply. I was scared but they told me “you studied to do something for other women, now you have the chance to do it” and I made it, I broke the vicious circle of fear and uncertainty, so I applied. I am the first that has been able to get here, I share the office with other coordinators, I have my own desk and computer, which, must confess, I’m still learning how to use it…

From this office we coordinate the support for women and their families. We also set training activites so they can keep growing. Here we have a lot of movement everyday, for my part I keep giving my best.