Technical training and formation for women, which is intended to develop skills and competences for life that allows the recovering and eventual women’s working and social integration. It is developed in Bucaramanga, Pereira and Bogotá

FMC (Foundation: Michaelian Creations):

Responsible for the labor inclusion actions of women trained in the Training Center. This company has 41 years in the market, it exports the 90% of its products, it has ISO9001 and it is certified by the WFTO in Fairtrade. It employs between 150 to 200 women.  www.miquelina.co


It’s a cooperative with 115 associates, through which it has been facilitated the construction of 131 houses for its beneficiaries. Also, it has supported the families of the collaborators of the FCM and other partners through loans for education, adaptation of their houses, among other aids. https://cooperativacoomiquelina.blogspot.com/.


It’s a process of approaching women in high impact zones through actions of psychosocial/humanitarian attention, and/or the generation of service networks that support the connection and restitution of the rights of women in situation of prostitution or women trafficking.

1, DOS,3 POR TI:

Prevention on sexual exploitation on children and adolescents that is developed in Bogotá through prevention strategies about territories, working in schools and leaders’ formation. 1dos3xti.religiosasadoratrices.com


Attention to immigrant women, who are at risk of human trafficking and/or prostitution in the border zones such as Colombia – Venezuela and Colombia – Ecuador, departing from actions of psychosocial accompanying, delivery of humanitarian aid in the frame of the principles of human rights and the generation of incidence and preventive actions. This project counts on strategic partners such as the JRS, Caritas Ecuador y Caritas Alemania.