I was a mother before I was a woman

From a home of three brothers, where my father left us when I was four, at 16 I went to live with a man, after the beating my mother gave me, according to her, to be “a decent woman”. When I graduated from high school I was six months pregnant “I was a mother before I was a woman”.

An aunt helped me for the university, there my friends took me to drink in bars and they told me “you are paid to have a drink or to make men consume… so that you study so much, the money is here, the luxuries, the trips, the vans that is life”. In that world I lasted almost ten years, between establishments, walks, rumba, farms, dangers, many times I was raped one after another, but I did not leave it because my two children depended on me.

One day I met the Adorers and I arrived at this place where they did not judge me and received me with love, that every time I arrived late at night, drunk, penniless, broken…, they gave me that hug that I never received in any other place, without interest and I understood that I am worth a lot that if I could do different things and earn my money without being violated or used.

Now I’m a new woman, I had to die to be born again, I know that many will not understand this, but all those who have been or are in that dark background will know what I’m talking about. I am working in the administrative area and as a social manager, I am finishing psychology and I have several diplomas that have helped me to apply everything I have learned in favor of women… they have me there to support them in understanding them and in this way to start looking for different training alternatives, job options, opportunities as the brave and integral women that they are. I am part of a team who are willing to give everything for the women who are still there and for those who are doing everything not to return.