We live and work with women in diverse communities

Women dedicated to the service of exploited women

The shared Mission is the recognition of Charisma from other life options

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Who are we?

passionate women for Christ and the Eucharist to whom we celebrate and contemplate. We live with joy our dedication “worshiping him in spirit and in truth”

from this worship we discover and listen to God, where life cry out, specially in those women from our mission. When worshipping we learn to embrace life by being in silence. Today it moves more than 150 projects in 24 different nations in the world.
The Religious Adorers Congregation (AASC) was born in Madrid (Spain) in the XIX century, more accurately in 1856. A daring woman, Saint Mª Micaela Desmaisières and López de Dicastillo, is its founder.



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you’re capable, you can do it

Here they believed in me, they took out the best of me and gave an opportunity. At the beginning it wasn’t, since I felt the street was calling me… But the love for my daughters and the willing of not disappointing those who opened their doors for me and encouraged me by telling me “you’re capable, you can do it”.
Those words keep resounding in my head and heart

I was a mother before I was a woman

One day I met the Adorers and I arrived at this place where they did not judge me and received me with love, that every time I arrived late at night, drunk, penniless, broken… they gave me that hug that I never received in any other place, without interest and I understood that I am worth a lot that if I could do different things and earn my money without being violated or used.